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Suggestion, add dartboard with numbers

PostPosted: Thu 14. Nov 2013, 02:29
by robrey85
Hey there,

I was just wondering if you would consider adding in a picture of a dartboard showing what the math of triples/doubles are. I took the liberty of creating the dartboard view using GIMP. I can do other pictures as well if necessary.

So, let's say you're playing 501, I would press the hardware menu button or equivalent to bring up not only the "Undo, "Reset training" & "Preferences" but "Dartboard view" or something like that as well and I could see what my numbers were then do basic addition versus multiplication and be done with it. (I'm not lazy, I just overwork my brain in the office 8 hours a day and would rather not work it more than I have to to play darts, haha.)

Or, if you want to go to extreme methods, have a setting to where you can have "Dartboard view" on all the time instead of the keypad and allow for three different single presses to stand for each dart and then you can press the green check mark to enter in that round.

A single press would highlight the first number, if you made a mistake, then to deselect the first number you pressed, press it a second time.

I'm not sure how complicated coding that in SDK would be, assuming you used that to make your app but it would be cool as hell!

This app is definitely my #1 training app, I love the statistics though I don't quite understand them 100%, I love the different games. I can feel myself improving day in and day out. I also just purchased the full version and signed up for an account here so hopefully there will be some sweet ass updates to come.

Re: Suggestion, add dartboard with numbers

PostPosted: Thu 14. Nov 2013, 17:05
by Admin

thanks a lot for your post. Thats really a nice idea.
I will code a prototype (maybe with zoom-funktion for small screens, and lots of xy-calculations... )

When it works i will implement this in the next update.
Btw i wrote a simple explanation, how the statistic works:

best regards and Good Darts

Re: Suggestion, add dartboard with numbers

PostPosted: Mon 18. Nov 2013, 04:42
by robrey85
Awesome! Thanks for entertaining the idea and for the explanation of stats!