suggestion to add more practice games

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suggestion to add more practice games

Postby madzkymadz » Thu 23. May 2013, 02:44

Hi Admin

it would be nice to add some practice games like: 100 darts at 20's, 50 darts at Bulls, aRound The World (RTW), Blackhorse RTW, and Cricket Count Up. i would definitely buy this app if these practice games would be added. :)
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Re: suggestion to add more practice games

Postby Admin » Thu 23. May 2013, 20:41

thanks for your post.
100 darts at 20's or 50 darts at bulls is already included with "Target training".
There you can select a treble or bull and insert the points/marks per round (3 for treble, 2 for double, 1 for single).
It is on you how many rounds you play. In the end, the average counts. But i recommend to play at least 20 rounds, to get a meaningful statistic.

When i play my routines (with recorded stats), i'm already warmed-up. Then i have representive stats, to analyse my training-efforts.
In my point of view, the around-the-world-routines a more for warming-up, thats why they are not included.
But Bob's 27 is nearly similar to Around-the-World-Doubles. You start with double1 to 20 and bull.

Best regards
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Re: suggestion to add more practice games

Postby Buck80 » Tue 17. Sep 2013, 11:30

Just downloaded the trail version and I am 99% certain that I will get the full version.

But I agree that the addition of a few other games that can be used for warm up would be great.

Count up or cricket count up would work well. Or even just add "warm up" versions of existing games.

You might want to consider adding in an out threshold on the 501 game. Maybe once you get below 61 subsequent darts do not count against your PPR avg.

Awesome app BTW. Players in my division are going to rue the day I downloaded it... MUHHAHAHAHHA
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Re: suggestion to add more practice games

Postby beaver09 » Mon 10. Mar 2014, 08:38

Burma road is a good warm up game, you can also play multiplayer with mates
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Re: suggestion to add more practice games

Postby daf0815 » Sat 14. Jun 2014, 13:21


i agree to madzkymadz > the app needs definitly more practice games (RTW) - some other free apps have more training apps.
Bobs 27 can't be an replacement for RTW.

If the App will get more practice apps - i will buy....
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