Save Won legs

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Save Won legs

Postby makkai » Mon 26. Mar 2012, 13:31

In the 501 Challenge yourself there is a option for Save Won legs, witch i currently have on "NO".
Upon turning it on a dialog box pops up:

Note:Only won games can be saved because lost games are not completed, So option Yes will distort your 501 statistics.

It seems like not even my won games are getting saved.
If I turn this on, will this save my Won legs, and if so how will this distort my statistics?

In short, how do I play Challenge yourself and save all my won games without distorting my statistics

Sincerely yours.
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Re: Save Won legs

Postby Admin » Fri 30. Mar 2012, 10:58

Hello Makkai,

When you practise normal 501 games, these games will be saved in the 501-Databasetable and you can have a look at those games at 501->Statistic->Details.

Let's say you played 5 traininggames and you needed between 21 and 24 darts.
Now you decide to challenge yourself and to play against these games (best of 3).

You have a good day and you win 2-1. So if you selected "save won legs" YES, your 2 won games will be saved in the same databasetable where your other 5 traininggames are stored (at all you have now 7 saved games). You can check this at 501->Statistic->Details.

The one leg you lost cannot be saved in this table because you didn't finish it (otherwise there would be an incomplete saved leg, which you cannot play against and with no applicable statistic-data)

The 2 legs you won, you only needed 18 darts, but for example the one leg you lost you would have needed 30 darts.
Your average of your 3 games would have been (18 + 18 + 30) /3 = 22 darts.

So your skill is to play an average of 22 darts, but in the 501-Statistic it appears that you usually need 18 darts to finish a 501-game.
That's the distortion i meant.

The reason why i implemented the save-function is to keep track of your best performances - knowing that the statistic doesn't represent your actual average performance any longer.

best regards
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