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HowTo: Enable Caller-sounds

PostPosted: Fri 10. Feb 2012, 02:15
by Admin
Hi DartTrainer-User,

this is an instruction how to enable your caller-sounds.

If you are an owner of the PC-game "PDC World Championship Darts" you can use the sounds from Russ Bray in your app.
Just copy the audio-files of this folder:

{Folder where you installed the game}\PDC World Championship Darts\Resources\Sounds\Announcer\

to your SD-Card of your mobilephone:


thats it.


If you are not an owner of this game, you can use your custom sounds, but the files need following format:

000.wav (no score)
001.wav (one)
002.wav (two)
180.wav (onehundredandeighty)

yr_2.wav (you require two)
yr_3.wav (you require three)
yr_170.wav (you require onehundredandseventy)

gsm.wav (game shot and the match)

gl_1.wav (game shot and the first leg)
gl_2.wav (game shot and the second leg)
gl_15.wav (game shot and the fifteenth leg)

thats it.

Have fun!